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Smart Health

heart. body. surroundings, Environment.

A new concept of health from the inside out


Summer Health -
Talking Tom anti-mosquito portable fan

First Anti-Mosquito portable fan in the world

Natural herbal repellent for mother and baby

Tiny size, Lightweight and safe

9000 RPM high speed brushless motor fan

Three-stage wind speed at will

Exclusive License of Talking Tom & Friends


Skin Health-
Linksail Magic Nano Laundry Hose

​Rakuten, Yahoo, Amazon best selling in Japan

Improve clothes washing effect and reduce water consumption

Improve detergent efficiency by 20%

Environmentally friendly and easy to install

Reduce clothes odor, inhibit bacteria and mildew

​Keep clothes soft


​Physical and mental Health-

Mood Booster Wearable

The Best gift for your family, Magic Vibration resonance

Feel refreshed immediately

Exercise efficiency Boost UP!

Good sleep and healthy mood!


​Foot Health -
123 Far-infrared vitality insole

Nobel Prize Graphite's Magic

Latest technology graphene + nano ceramic

Activates body from soles to enhance blood circulation

The best partner for walking and climbing activities

Foot warmer

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